Syed Adeeb

Biography of Journalist SYED ADEEB

Syed Adeeb

Syed Adeeb

Dr. Syed Alim Adeeb (Syed Adeeb) is America’s international journalist. He is the CEO, Chief Editor and Producer-Director of the Adeeb Media Group (AMG – Press Media TV, Video Media, Information Press, Adeeb Media, Adeeb Press). He is also a website designer-developer-editor, multimedia IT consultant, business marketing adviser, author of books and a human-rights justice advocate based in Virginia, USA.

Professional Experience:

Over 28 years (1990-2018) experience of Multimedia Journalist Syed Adeeb:

1. Journalism: researched, analyzed, wrote, edited news, views, ideas, reports, scripts, press releases, books and information; edited & published websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, ebooks, texts, documents, photos, images and graphics; directed & produced videos, television programs and radio shows.

2. Information Technology: operated various computer-software, apps programs, video production equipment; designed, hosted websites; wrote, developed, edited, updated contents of websites; and edited, webcasted videos.

3. Social Media: Used the Social Media for media contents distribution, publication, advertising, marketing and networking.

4. Business Management: managed press-media, video/TV productions, travel-tourism, real estate investments and business projects companies; advertised & marketed business products/services; provided news-info services to many community associations.

Publications and Reporting:

Many newspapers, magazines, websites, TV channels and radio programs of the USA, Canada, UK, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran and Arab East have published, broadcasted, telecasted, or webcasted news reports, articles, interviews, or videos of Journalist Syed Adeeb during 1990 to 2018. He has covered the federal, state and local government departments & agencies of the USA, Pakistan and the United Nations. He specializes in information warfare strategies, military/defense analyses and investigative intelligence information research, but he is neither a spy nor an agent of anyone, anybody, or any agency, department, government, or organization.

Public Speaking and Communication:

This scholar has delivered many lectures/speeches on political, economic, social, cultural, international, legal, judicial, constitutional and public policy issues at various public forums.

Journalistic Philosophy:

Syed Adeeb’s journalism is investigative, informative, educative and reformative. It is based on the four pillars of Constructive Journalism: research (investigate), information (inform), education (educate) and reformation (reform) through practicable solutions or real reforms. Press-Media Journalism is the one & only journalistic philosophy or ideology of Mr. Adeeb. He does not support, promote, or advocate any kind of racist, militant, political, or religious dogma. His doctrine of Progressive Humanitarianism is based on multiculturalism for coexistence of the human race or humanity, making progress together for common causes or mutual interests, rule of just/fair laws, all human-rights for all humans and equal justice for everyone coexisting in multicultural societies, inter-dependent communities, diverse neighborhoods, or united nations of the world.

EDUCATION: Dr. Syed Alim Adeeb is a Doctor of Multimedia Journalism. He has earned 10 degrees and certificates in Multimedia Journalism, Communication, Video/TV Productions, IT (Websites design, editing, development, hosting and marketing), Business Management and Real Estate from America’s universities & colleges.

LOCATION: Mr. Syed Adeeb – a credible Pakistani-American journalist from Lahore, Pakistan – is a Citizen/National of the United States of America (USA) who has lived in Virginia, USA, since 1973.

Current Positions:

  1. CEO, Chief Editor and Producer-Director: Adeeb Media Group (AMG – Press Media TV, Video Media, Information Press, Adeeb Media, Adeeb Press) – Fairfax, VA, USA.
  2. TV Producer: FPA TV Channels 10 & 30 – Verizon, Comcast, Cox – Fairfax, VA, USA.
  3. TV Panelist/Commentator: Press Media TV USA, Aaj TV USA, Next TV USA, Subrang TV USA, Voice of South Asia (VOSA) TV USA.
  4. Media Strategies Coordinator: 4th Pillar Media – New York, USA.
  5. Director: Journalists Scholars Forum (JSF) – Virginia, USA.
  6. Director: Human Rights Justice Foundation (HRJF) – Washington DC, USA.
Syed Adeeb

Syed Adeeb

Former Positions:

  • Executive Vice President of Operations & Managing Producer: International Cultural Television (ICTV) – Irvine, California, USA.
  • Reporter, Columnist, Feature Writer and Correspondent (Washington DC, USA & United Nations): The Frontier PostThe NationNawa-i-Waqt – 3 daily newspapers of Pakistan.
  • Consulting Editor: Pakistan News Service (PNS) – California, USA.
  • Articles Writer: The Nation, The Frontier Post, Pakistan Today, The Friday Times, Pakistan Times, The Muslim, Mag The Weekly, Viewpoint – Pakistan.
  • TV Panelist/Commentator: Information TV, Passion For Truth TV, Pakistan Vision TV – Virginia & Maryland, USA.
Syed Adeeb

Syed Adeeb

“Make progress every hour.”Syed Adeeb.

Author Syed Adeeb’s Books:

1. Business Marketing Through Multimedia.
2. New Government System of Pakistan. Islamic State or Secular State?
3. Information Warfare Strategies.
4. How OIC Can Counter NATO?
5. How to Save Humanity from Nuclear World War?
6. United Nations Human Rights Justice Laws.
7. How to Protect Women and Children in Lawless Societies?
8. One Nation – One Religion – One Citizenship – One World.
9. How to Launch a Web Videos TV Channel?
10. How to Design, Edit, Develop, Operate Websites?


  1. 4th Pillar – Vigilant Media Reformer (4thP)
  2. Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)
  3. Amnesty International USA (AIUSA)
  4. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
  5. Writers Net (WN)

Contact E-Mail:

© Copyright: SYED ADEEB – – USA



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