Freedom of Speech

Pakistani Urdu Poem: BOL (Speak)
Translator: Syed Adeeb

Speak, your lips are free.
Speak, the tongue is still yours.
Your upright body is yours.
Speak, the life is still yours.

Look in the blacksmith’s shop.
Flames are burning – Iron is red.
Locks are opening their jaws.
Shadow of every chain has spread.

Speak, this little time is plenty.
Before the death of body and tongue.
Speak, the truth is still alive.
Say, whatever you have to say.

Poetic Message: Speak Out – Advocate, promote and defend human rights, civil liberties, natural freedoms, rule of just/fair laws and equal justice for all. “Do not confuse truth with falsehood, nor conceal the truth knowingly.” Always speak, write and tell the whole truth about all evils. – Journalist SYED ADEEB.

Mr. Syed Adeeb is a noted Progressive Poet/Lyricist (Shayer) based in Virginia, USA, who sometimes writes poetry in the Urdu language of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

© Copyright: SYED ADEEB – – USA